Chapter 20: What Else Do You Want?

Sit down. State your name. Tell me your story. My name is Duc-Anh. Nguyen Duc-Anh. People always call me Nam Xi. Why the name “Nam Xi”? Because I often drink alcohol and I was the fifth child in the family. What else do you want to know? I shift my legs. My fingers start dancing […]

Chapter 19: Only You Know

Chapter 19: Only You Know

Sit down. State your name. Tell your story. This will be a little bit personal, Sir. Yeah, but will it be relevant to the case? That I don’t know, Sir. Then tell it anyway. Are you saying that you have the authority to judge which ones of the evidences are relevant to the case and […]

Chapter I: At My Age

“You know, people at my age often forget how their life ends up in a nursing home,” I scream as I climb down said nursing home’s gate. My voice, muffled by the beating rain of the coming storm, gets lost in the wind and the uselessness of the nursing home’s guards. “Or worse,” I don’t […]