Letter to M., #4

Dearest M., Do forgive me for putting these words into verses Which will just complicate things and None of us will want to see; but M. Is there anything on this Earth that is ever Complicated? Dearest M., I had a dream. I don’t even know if it was about the me and you Or […]

#conversation starter

#conversation starter

You asked me over the phone if I had been well, and if I had been able to get over my eating disorder. You didn’t specify exactly which type of eating disorder because we both know better than diving deep into the matter at hand. I asked you about your loneliness, your job as a […]

Chapter 17: Let’s Play Make-Believe

So, Mr. Nha, do you still stand by your statement that there is no relationship, whatsoever, between you and Mr. Hai? I look at the officer’s eyes. Today, the one interrogates me is the old detective. You always know it is trouble when it comes to old detectives. Too many pains, or too many experiences, […]