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#about giving up

When you say it like that, you make it so believable. – And Even If Love Was Lost, Unknown Chapter – When you say it like that, you make it so believable, I say. I can still remember the scenery. The sky is blue, the sunlight passes through you, and the faint shadow of summer […]

#leave a message

I will call you back next week. K. I will be checking my mailbox more often. M. She’s a wolf. When the moon strikes at midnight and its blue light paints a shadow of pain, she turns into this hideous creature moving along the shops’ window panes: her claws leave red blood on the pavements […]

In A Coffee Shop

I drank a cup of coffee to outgrow my madness and sadness; Never know whence they come nor when they’ll leave. You ask me, What’s wrong with a little sadness? And I say, Honey, if the human condition means the sadness will never leave or let me be, I refuse to be a human or […]

Podcast: Charles Bukowski – The Last Night of the Earth

Transcription: That we were perishable, perhaps didn’t occur to Him Or That greater gods might be Watching. begging, Charles Bukowski One can never have enough of Charles Bukowski’s books on the shelves, just as one might live in oblivion never knowing that we are perishable. Hi, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. I […]

Fare thee well

Fare thee well It’s been a long battle, and I thought we could be more than comrades wearing the same scars and the same little memorandum on our forehead saying we have lost. Fare thee well It’s been a long war. A meaningless, gruesome war where you grow on your comrades’ corpses and there’s nothing […]

Since You’ve Been Gone

To M. and the memories we shared. Since you’ve been gone, I don’t even know if I’m outside more or if I’m just staying inside and imagine that I’m still on the outside. I visited the café at the corner – they’ve just opened; the menus are all new and the chairs are made of […]

A Rose for My Mother, Part IV

I wonder if you cry in the shower, when you are left alone with your thought and there was no one around you to put on a show for: A show of strength, of bravery, of someone who is fearless of death and fearless of victory. I wonder if you cry in the kitchen, when […]

A Rose for My Mother, Part III

I don’t know what to say to you, Mother, to amend your sadness and sorrow. Apologies and gratitude, Mother, seems so useless and meaningless now. The other day you told me the story about my sister – who had struggled to survive Autism on her own and failing at that, is now just passing through […]

Letter to M., #4

Dearest M., Do forgive me for putting these words into verses Which will just complicate things and None of us will want to see; but M. Is there anything on this Earth that is ever Complicated? Dearest M., I had a dream. I don’t even know if it was about the me and you Or […]


You say when you are walking out the door that you will be back home when the tide hit the shore and honey, I don’t know if I should believe in you or if I should believe in the Schrodinger’s cat: fearing the tomorrow that you may or may not come home to where I […]

My First Poetry Collection Is Published!

I am SUPER excited to let you know that my first poetry collection, A Rose for My Mother is finally live on the Kindle store (Spoiler: A hard copy is on the way!). You can find it almost anywhere, from South America to the remotest island of Europe. Due to the publishing of this collection, […]

Freeze the Time

To my unknown lover. I want to freeze the time, I say, one evening in May as you walk out the front door. You put your coat on, one shoe on your right foot and one shoe is falling off. How, you fumble with the broken clasp, frustrated and angry and I don’t know at […]

Eyes for A Lover

Đời em đã khép đi vội vàngTình ta cùng lấp lối thiên đàngNhư cánh chim khuất ngàn, như cánh chim khuất ngàn Mắt Lệ Cho Người Tình, Từ Công Phụng On the sleepless nights and the gramophone of old age and pains and tears and sufferings keeps on pouring out these soft, sorrowful tunes into […]

#conversation starter

You asked me over the phone if I had been well, and if I had been able to get over my eating disorder. You didn’t specify exactly which type of eating disorder because we both know better than diving deep into the matter at hand. I asked you about your loneliness, your job as a […]


Ta ghì cho tan vỡ trái tim này Cho người ăn chơi nhíu đôi lông mày Ta cười cho xanh ngát kiếp lưu đầy Cho người vũ nữ khóc tấm thân gầy. Chưa nói yêu nhau mà lòng đã đau Chưa nói mê say mà tình đã bay Chưa biết môi em mà hồn đã […]


Please stay, I say as I look out of the window. The shadow of death is glooming over the both of us, and many other like us. Please stay, I repeat, Because once you go out, I don’t even know when you will be back, or whether you will be back at all. Please stay, […]

#i can’t do this anymore

I can’t do this anymore, I say, as I hold onto her hand and lie there, breathing, convulsing, living. I can’t do this anymore, I say, as she squeezes my hands, whispering, I am here, darling, I am here. I can’t do this anymore, I think, I can’t continue to be a burden that you […]

#what’s wrong?

You smile at your suffering The sweetest reprieve Why did you leave us? Why did you leave? – It’s Torn, Leonard Cohen Honey, what’s wrong? Nothing, I say, I just wonder how we balance the things we carry on our shoulders. Are the baggages there from the beginning? Or are we allowed the chance to […]

#i can’t sleep

He throws the pillow at me to wake me up. It’s five in the morning. I can’t sleep, he says nonchalantly as if that is enough of a reason to wake me up. My eyes are trying to figure out whether it’s my beloved that I see, or just a cruel shadow of someone who […]


I thought we would go out today, you say, but instead, we are staying home and watching the boring TV show, and listening to the sound of the pouring rain outside – Are you out of your mind? He curls into a ball on my laps, spilling his complains the same way a bartender spills […]

#the hospital

You whisper, “You have loved enoughNow let me be the lover” Leonard Cohen, You Have Loved Enough I overheard you talking in your dream: I don’t want to go to the hospital. I sit up to look at you: A pale, porcelain skin that used to be the white canvas for Van Gogh’s sunflowers paintings […]

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen: You Go Your Way

I would never call myself a great fan of Leonard Cohen – definitely not a fanatic like Eminem’s “Stan” describes. After all, like the endearing Cohen, I never call my prose and poetry works of art. To me, discovering Leonard Cohen (but what rights do I have to use the word “discover”?) is like a […]

#the man who went out in the night

We never talk about the man who went out in the night, You start the discussion – the one discussion that I never think you would start. I guess the word ‘never’ is a fickle word – a frivolous player who enjoys deceiving young girls’ hearts – but never mind. Do you want to talk […]

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