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#about giving up

November 21, 2020

When you say it like that, you make it so believable. – And Even If Love Was Lost, Unknown Chapter – When you say it like that, you make it so believable, I say. I can still remember the scenery. The sky is blue, the sunlight passes through you, and the faint shadow of summer […]

#leave a message

#leave a message

November 8, 2020

I will call you back next week. K. I will be checking my mailbox more often. M. She’s a wolf. When the moon strikes at midnight and its blue light paints a shadow of pain, she turns into this hideous creature moving along the shops’ window panes: her claws leave red blood on the pavements […]

Podcast: Natsume Soseki – Kokoro

October 25, 2020

Transcription: “I am a lonely man,” Sensei said. “And so I am glad that you come to see me. But I am also a melancholy man, and so I asked you why you should wish to visit me so often.” Natsume Soseki, “Kokoro” If you are familiar with the first season of the Radio of […]

#about giving up

When you say it like that, you make it so believable. – And Even If Love Was Lost, Unknown Chapter – When you say it like that, you make it so believable, I say. I can still remember the scenery. The sky is blue, the sunlight passes through you, and the faint shadow of summer […]

#leave a message

I will call you back next week. K. I will be checking my mailbox more often. M. She’s a wolf. When the moon strikes at midnight and its blue light paints a shadow of pain, she turns into this hideous creature moving along the shops’ window panes: her claws leave red blood on the pavements […]

Podcast: Natsume Soseki – Kokoro

Transcription: “I am a lonely man,” Sensei said. “And so I am glad that you come to see me. But I am also a melancholy man, and so I asked you why you should wish to visit me so often.” Natsume Soseki, “Kokoro” If you are familiar with the first season of the Radio of […]

In A Coffee Shop

I drank a cup of coffee to outgrow my madness and sadness; Never know whence they come nor when they’ll leave. You ask me, What’s wrong with a little sadness? And I say, Honey, if the human condition means the sadness will never leave or let me be, I refuse to be a human or […]

Podcast: Albert Camus – The Plague

Transcription: Hi, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. It’s been a long time and it’s always good to be here, back home, where the resistance is on. Thank you so much for bearing with my irresponsibility and the unfrequent upload schedule. You are what make this resistance what it is today, and for […]

Podcast: Charles Bukowski – The Last Night of the Earth

Transcription: That we were perishable, perhaps didn’t occur to Him Or That greater gods might be Watching. begging, Charles Bukowski One can never have enough of Charles Bukowski’s books on the shelves, just as one might live in oblivion never knowing that we are perishable. Hi, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. I […]

Fare thee well

Fare thee well It’s been a long battle, and I thought we could be more than comrades wearing the same scars and the same little memorandum on our forehead saying we have lost. Fare thee well It’s been a long war. A meaningless, gruesome war where you grow on your comrades’ corpses and there’s nothing […]

Podcast: Yasunari Kawabata – Snow Country

Transcription: Shall I come back again? Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight Are You Lonesome Tonight, Elvis Presley Never has there been anything scarier than the solitude of being alive, of being human. The legend of the old day has spoken that when the first man stepped into the galaxy and took a proper […]

Podcast: Voice of the Void

Welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. First, thank you for being here, for your presence, for being alive, and for following through with the resistance. Second, will we take Mahattan, and then, take on Berlin? Yes, my dearest audience, that we will do in this season of the Radio of resistance. Though we will […]

Welcome Announcement: Donations for Tarot Reading

Hey guys! If you are a new visitor to the site: welcome! This website aims to be an open environment for everyone: I want to create something – be it prose, poetry, or podcast – that will be relevant and relatable to all of you. Please don’t be hesitate to comments, share posts, and reach […]

Podcast: Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Dance

Transcription: Hello, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. First, I would like to thank you all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are at in this vast, immense world where life happens. Your support raise me up and keep me going, and for that, I hope that this podcast would do the […]

Podcast: Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Of Love and Other Demons

Transcription Hello, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance, where your mind refuses logic and your imagination takes fly. Truthfully, I wanted to discuss Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” – Oh, there will be so many things to discuss, so many things to say about Albert Camus and Sisyphus that there’s almost nothing […]

Chapter 20: What Else Do You Want?

Sit down. State your name. Tell me your story. My name is Duc-Anh. Nguyen Duc-Anh. People always call me Nam Xi. Why the name “Nam Xi”? Because I often drink alcohol and I was the fifth child in the family. What else do you want to know? I shift my legs. My fingers start dancing […]

Podcast: Michael Cunningham – The Hours

Transcription: Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. First, you might, or might not, have noticed a missing episode during the last week and for that, I am sorry. There is nothing else to say, except that I have taken a step too far down the spiraling staircase and I was struggling […]

Hush, baby, hush

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata – First Movement The date is 28th of April. The weather is nothing but hot and humid. We step on the first stones to cross to the other side of the mountain. The bus left us by the grassy roadside, where the old and rotten wooden board with the wasted words, […]

Podcast: Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight

Is your heart filled with pain? Shall I come back again? Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight? Are You Lonesome Tonight, sung by Elvis Presley Hi, this is Thanh Dinh, and welcome back to another episode of the Radio of Resistance, where we, no matter what happens, believe that there will always be something […]

Since You’ve Been Gone

To M. and the memories we shared. Since you’ve been gone, I don’t even know if I’m outside more or if I’m just staying inside and imagine that I’m still on the outside. I visited the café at the corner – they’ve just opened; the menus are all new and the chairs are made of […]


I am tired of hearing you say it never happens to us. I am also tired of hearing you say it’s all because of the media. I have faith in what I see. And what I see tells me that I don’t want my mother, tired and weary with a burden far too heavy for […]

Chapter 19: Only You Know

Sit down. State your name. Tell your story. This will be a little bit personal, Sir. Yeah, but will it be relevant to the case? That I don’t know, Sir. Then tell it anyway. Are you saying that you have the authority to judge which ones of the evidences are relevant to the case and […]

Chapter 18: The Diary of Hai the Reaper

The following events are collected from Pham Van Hai’s diary, which is considered an important piece of evidence for the case. Judging from the content of the diary, the investigators in charge of the case firmly believe that he was the partner in crime of Nguyen Van Nha and acted as the main culprit in […]

Podcast: A Rose for My Mother

Transcription Hi, welcome back to the weekly Radio of Resistance. I am your host, Thanh Dinh. An unreliable host at times and someone who, for better and for worse, you should never trust when she speaks of future podcast episode topics in her excitement and delirium. Yes, I had planned to talk about Arthur Rimbaud. […]

A Rose for My Mother, Part IV

I wonder if you cry in the shower, when you are left alone with your thought and there was no one around you to put on a show for: A show of strength, of bravery, of someone who is fearless of death and fearless of victory. I wonder if you cry in the kitchen, when […]

A Rose for My Mother, Part III

I don’t know what to say to you, Mother, to amend your sadness and sorrow. Apologies and gratitude, Mother, seems so useless and meaningless now. The other day you told me the story about my sister – who had struggled to survive Autism on her own and failing at that, is now just passing through […]

Letter to M., #4

Dearest M., Do forgive me for putting these words into verses Which will just complicate things and None of us will want to see; but M. Is there anything on this Earth that is ever Complicated? Dearest M., I had a dream. I don’t even know if it was about the me and you Or […]

Podcast: The Strong Show Season 2

Transription Hi, and welcome all of you to the Radio of Resistance. As you may, or may not, have guessed from my voice and the title of the episode, I am once again bed-ridden and thus, I have no other choice and no other enjoyment that to read to you the next 3 chapters of […]


You say when you are walking out the door that you will be back home when the tide hit the shore and honey, I don’t know if I should believe in you or if I should believe in the Schrodinger’s cat: fearing the tomorrow that you may or may not come home to where I […]

My First Poetry Collection Is Published!

I am SUPER excited to let you know that my first poetry collection, A Rose for My Mother is finally live on the Kindle store (Spoiler: A hard copy is on the way!). You can find it almost anywhere, from South America to the remotest island of Europe. Due to the publishing of this collection, […]

And Even If Love Was Lost: An Introduction

This is a story about a criminal running away. Nha killed a governor in a faraway seaside village. Hai was a male prostitute in Saigon, the city of beautiful lights and dark, dirty lust. Nha ran away from the crime scene amidst the dreary tune of his mother’s cai luong cassettes. Hai picked him up […]

Freeze the Time

To my unknown lover. I want to freeze the time, I say, one evening in May as you walk out the front door. You put your coat on, one shoe on your right foot and one shoe is falling off. How, you fumble with the broken clasp, frustrated and angry and I don’t know at […]

Podcast: La Llorona – Weeping Mothers

Radio of Resistance S1E7: La Lllorona – Our Weeping Mothers Hi, welcome back to the Radio of Resistance. I am Thanh Dinh, your host for this week’s episode. Amidst the chaotic times in the world outside, I hope you are staying safe. And moreover, I hope while listening to the Radio of Resistance, you can […]

Eyes for A Lover

Đời em đã khép đi vội vàngTình ta cùng lấp lối thiên đàngNhư cánh chim khuất ngàn, như cánh chim khuất ngàn Mắt Lệ Cho Người Tình, Từ Công Phụng On the sleepless nights and the gramophone of old age and pains and tears and sufferings keeps on pouring out these soft, sorrowful tunes into […]

A Teaser for This Week’s Podcast!

A little sneak peek into what I will be discussing in this week’s podcast! Please kindly treat yourself to the song “La Llorona” by the heavenly voice of the one and only Vietnamese singer, Bạch Yến, who by far, in my selfish opinion, is the best performer of the song. With that being said, there […]

#conversation starter

You asked me over the phone if I had been well, and if I had been able to get over my eating disorder. You didn’t specify exactly which type of eating disorder because we both know better than diving deep into the matter at hand. I asked you about your loneliness, your job as a […]

Podcast: Anna Gavalda – The Cracks In Our Armor

Transcribe: “It was so I wouldn’t get so attached, but even now it’s the same as with everything, at the end of the day I got screwed all the same.” My Dog Is Dying, Anna Gavalda Hi, and welcome back to the weekly podcast against depression, Radio of Resistance. First and foremost, I would like […]

Chapter 17: Let’s Play Make-Believe

So, Mr. Nha, do you still stand by your statement that there is no relationship, whatsoever, between you and Mr. Hai? I look at the officer’s eyes. Today, the one interrogates me is the old detective. You always know it is trouble when it comes to old detectives. Too many pains, or too many experiences, […]

Letter to M., #3

Dearest, dearest M., I hope you are well. And all the other hopes? You have already known them, thus, I will refrain from saying. Or writing. My country is fine. My parents are fine. I am fine. Or at least, that’s what everyone wants to believe. You know, M., during the little time I had […]

#the things that help you sleep

To my unknown lover and our little joke. I will forever remember you with the not-so-authentic phrase, Je suis mermaid. After a while, you don’t even know what is helping you sleep. Be it a woman’s embrace or a man’s embrace – is there any difference? You sit on your chair and wear your tin-foil […]

#last night, I dreamed of whales

Becky leads us to the dark shade of a cherry blossom tree. The petals are flying in the air, twirling and whirling in circles. A few petals fall on Becky’s soft, hairy head. She shakes it off with annoyance and sneeze. I’m always allergic to flowers, she says. It’s strange. I thought only people are […]


Ta ghì cho tan vỡ trái tim này Cho người ăn chơi nhíu đôi lông mày Ta cười cho xanh ngát kiếp lưu đầy Cho người vũ nữ khóc tấm thân gầy. Chưa nói yêu nhau mà lòng đã đau Chưa nói mê say mà tình đã bay Chưa biết môi em mà hồn đã […]

Podcast: Jose Saramago – All the Names

Transcribe: I was always working steadyBut I never called it artI got my shit togetherMeeting Christ and reading Marx Hello, and welcome to the Radio of Resistance. I am your host, Thanh Dinh. And from the inability to have a more refreshing, welcoming opening line, I, as you may or may not have noticed, used […]

Chapter I: At My Age

“You know, people at my age often forget how their life ends up in a nursing home,” I scream as I climb down said nursing home’s gate. My voice, muffled by the beating rain of the coming storm, gets lost in the wind and the uselessness of the nursing home’s guards. “Or worse,” I don’t […]

Podcast: Milan Kundera – The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Transcribe: “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” How many of you, my dearest listeners, recognize that memorable quote, from somewhere, spoken by someone, and taken too literally by some of you, or all of you for that matter? Hi, this is Thanh Dinh, and welcome back to the Radio of […]

Podcast: Leonard Cohen – The Flame

Transcription: Hi, this is Thanh Dinh, and welcome to the Radio of Resistance. To everyone who is practicing social distancing, this episode is dedicated to your patience and understanding. And to those of you who are fighting on the front line – doctors and nurses – this episode is dedicated to your strength and your […]

Podcast: Radio of Resistance, Episode 1

Transcribe: Hi, my name is Thanh Dinh, and you are listening to the Radio of Resistance. With each episode, there will be a little bit of strength to fight against whatever life throws at you. After all, we are all fighters, aren’t we? So, without further ado, let’s get straight to business. Featured in this […]


Please stay, I say as I look out of the window. The shadow of death is glooming over the both of us, and many other like us. Please stay, I repeat, Because once you go out, I don’t even know when you will be back, or whether you will be back at all. Please stay, […]

#16. flower patterns

*Trigger warning: suicidal attempt What’s that on his wrist? I ask Becky as the three of us advanced further and further in the spring forest. Oh, that? You don’t know that? It’s a flower pattern. I look at the thin line that is more similar to a scar than a flower pattern to me and […]

Letter to M., II

Dearest M., I trust that these letters are still lying under their 8-feet grave of silence and ignorance. Or else, what’s the point of me writing them. Recently, I’m obsessed with Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus” in the most literal sense of the word (and the literal meaning of it, in my sense, is […]

#slow dance

Let’s keep it on the level When I walked away from you I turned my back on the devil Turned my back on the angel too Leonard Cohen, On The Level Inspired by a true crime story in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Please sit down, the investigator says while pulling out the white-grey chair. An overwhelming […]

#i can’t do this anymore

I can’t do this anymore, I say, as I hold onto her hand and lie there, breathing, convulsing, living. I can’t do this anymore, I say, as she squeezes my hands, whispering, I am here, darling, I am here. I can’t do this anymore, I think, I can’t continue to be a burden that you […]

Letter to M. #1

Dearest M. I was out in the evening with my mother and I thought of you. The thought of you being here with me has never been gone. And with time as its strongest armor, that thought has put me through the sweetest torture I can ever imagine. So, what’s up? Still good? Still pouring […]

#15. the fourth song

Becky and I sits by a little campfire that I (mainly) built with the (little) help from her. Are you getting fatter? I ask. She glances dagger at me and for a moment, I finally know how a look could kill. The White Misty Thingy curls his smoky arm around me. My eyes can’t distinguish […]

#16. Have You Been Eating Well Lately?

Thursday morning, a nice day. Because it was  a nice day, I decided to walk instead of riding the rusty bike (the bike was slowly becoming more suited to be in a recycle spot than in my house, but it was an alright bike). I walked to the lottery center (a nice ass word to […]

Revisiting Patrick Modiano’s Sleeping Memory

But after half a century, the few people who witnessed your early years have finally disappeared – and anyway, it’s doubtful that many of them would make the connection between what you’ve become and the vague image they’ve retained of a young man whose name they might not even recall. Patrick Modiano, Sleep of Memory […]

#what’s wrong?

You smile at your suffering The sweetest reprieve Why did you leave us? Why did you leave? – It’s Torn, Leonard Cohen Honey, what’s wrong? Nothing, I say, I just wonder how we balance the things we carry on our shoulders. Are the baggages there from the beginning? Or are we allowed the chance to […]

#14. do you prefer me being pretty or healthy?

Say, Becky, has anyone told you that you’re ugly? Straight to your face? I lie down on the green moss carpet that the forest so generously gifts to me. Becky rests her whole fat body on my chest and purrs happily as I stroke her tiny pointy ears. Oh, plenty, my good sir, she yawns […]

#15. Because We Are So Much Better (Than Whatever This Is)

Was it the truth? I don’t know anymore. When someone whispered a lie into your ears constantly, day and night, you would grow to believe in it. Does believing in the lie automatically turn it into some truths? I don’t know anymore. To me, at best, Nha’s lie sort of looked like a distorted truth […]

#Stories on the Street, part II

This is also a story from the same bun rieu store. I don’t know what word I can use to describe the sweltering hot bun rieu store (or stand) where the space it has can be called a restaurant, if only the owner decide to decorate it. But there you have it: a little (useless) […]

#13. the third song

I saw you standing there among the crowd. Underneath the freezing snow storm, and a bus stop that was far too warm, filled to the brim with human heat, you were standing next to me. Your eyes said you have been through too much and at the same time, they were burning with a desire […]


You look better than the last time I saw you, she says, your dark circle seems to be improving. And here I sit, in the chair that is too familiar with me. I sometimes wonder if the chair would hate having someone sitting on it constantly. I wonder if it hates me. The cushion is […]

#Stories on the Street, part I

I sit on the wobbly chair, which is accompanied by an even more wobbly table, in the sweltering heat of a city that knows too many manufacturer and too few green space. I sit there, eating the much beloved dish that the cold winter in Canada had robbed off me – bun rieu. There’s a […]

#12. better days

We continue on our little journey. Becky has now walked beside me as the White Misty Thingy’s misty hand held onto mine. The same thin and long fingers with a soft touch of skin that now has turned cold. A spring rain comes pouring over us and little wildflowers are blooming everywhere. Say, will he […]

#13. Are We All We Are?

It’s been three nights, and Hai hasn’t come back. He sat persistently at the guest table in uncle Ba’s funeral, morning ’til night. And as if sitting was not enough, he proceeded to be muted. People laughed at him behind his back. They said uncle Ba must have done something to brought this Statue-of-the-People to his death […]

#12. The Thousandth Day

I thought it would be better after the thousandth day, but it seemed the pain will never fade away. And no matter how much I tried to keep on living, I can’t find a remedy for the hollow left behind by those cold corpses in a winter twilight. The pain kept on burning. And I […]

#what are you thinking?

So, how are you feeling today? The counselor in the white blouse asks. I find it hard to concentrate on an appropriate answer as his cheap, toned-down blue T-shirt creates an immense border. The border between trusting him and trusting me. The border between being saved and wallowing in the same sort of routines until […]

#darling, is it raining where you are?

See, it’s raining again. My darling is sitting by the windows opening to the glass house garden. I call her my darling because her presence has taken over my life and my will to live since a year ago when I saw her for the first time in the supermarket. I asked her where she […]

#how are you?

A tribute to my mother in free verse. Hope it will be worthy of all her sacrifices. You lie awake at night, as I lie next to you, convulsing, trembling, wandering in the land of the Death. If I must be honest, I was on the border when you turn around holding me down and […]

#11. Aren’t You The Happiest Man, Mr. Unfortunate?

One. “Now this here is what I call a blue sky. Today is an unexceptionally nice day, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you say today is the day? See, the wind is supporting us. With this wind, we will go far, and I don’t even know where it will take us, Mr. Unfortunate. But today you are […]

#11. pinky promise?

I say, why is this forest so dark and gloomy? Are you trying to lead me down to Hell? Becky turns her head slightly and gives me a sharp glance as if I have offended Her Majesty in a very nasty way, and there is no chance for me to gain back her trust. A […]

#i can’t sleep

He throws the pillow at me to wake me up. It’s five in the morning. I can’t sleep, he says nonchalantly as if that is enough of a reason to wake me up. My eyes are trying to figure out whether it’s my beloved that I see, or just a cruel shadow of someone who […]


I thought we would go out today, you say, but instead, we are staying home and watching the boring TV show, and listening to the sound of the pouring rain outside – Are you out of your mind? He curls into a ball on my laps, spilling his complains the same way a bartender spills […]


Adversity, if at first you don’t succeed Put your temper to more use ‘Cause bein’ broke’s a poor excuse That should only give you more fuel Show ’em why you’re you – Eminem, Believe – A short tribute to Eminem, the unsung hero of my life, and of many other lives who refuse to let […]

#10. One of These Days

I didn’t know how the below conversation came into existence. Nha was just sitting there, idling away his life like how people treated the lottery tickets when they knew they didn’t win. And I guess as a passerby on the street – and a decent citizen at least – I should pick up the lottery […]

#will you just decide

Gloria, will you just decide Gloria, there’s easier ways to die. – The Lumineers, Gloria He throws the glass at me. It is the tenth time this week. I think it’s still nice compares to the last time when he throws everything at me twenty times in a week. Get out. I don’t want to […]

#9. Hurtful Things Are Beautiful Things

I woke up to Nha sitting like a monument at the edge of the wooden bed. A champion of inconsolable sadness and grief. Except that he was not a monument. It’s just that somehow, he happened to sit there long enough to become one. My phone was still in his hands. The battery was long […]

#the hospital

You whisper, “You have loved enoughNow let me be the lover” Leonard Cohen, You Have Loved Enough I overheard you talking in your dream: I don’t want to go to the hospital. I sit up to look at you: A pale, porcelain skin that used to be the white canvas for Van Gogh’s sunflowers paintings […]

#10. the second song

Hey! Want to see more of Nha and Hai’s journey, The Man and The Lover’s adventure, along with a plethora of poems, short prose, and awesome reviews? Subscribe below and you will have full access to the latest update! If you think the content and stories on my blog worth praising, there’s no better praise […]

#8. The Flood Is Always There (Even When You Are Not Looking)

I was standing in the dark, wet corner of the house – every corner of this house is a dark, wet corner – when uncle Hai came in from the fish pond in the backyard. He said, “It’s gonna rain hard today, ya be sure to pull in those clothes.” He meant the old, worn-out, threadbare rags […]

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen: You Go Your Way

I would never call myself a great fan of Leonard Cohen – definitely not a fanatic like Eminem’s “Stan” describes. After all, like the endearing Cohen, I never call my prose and poetry works of art. To me, discovering Leonard Cohen (but what rights do I have to use the word “discover”?) is like a […]

#7. The Story of Hai “Don Co”*

*Don Co: đàn cò in South-West Vietnam accent – a musical instrument used in Vietnamese opera It was high noon when I met them just outside the village’s gate. They didn’t go straight through the decayed yellow-painted gate, no. They hid by the gate’s corner, looked stealthily at the empty road winding through the small […]

#9. what we talk about when we talk about you

This forest is really dark. Are all forests like this or just this one? Again, I would really appreciate it if you could just shut your trap and silently follow us. Why do you always have an issue with me? I ask the cat. She ignores the question. I guess if she could do more […]

#6. The ‘Murican Syllables

I and the wild little pros – I meant, thing, arrived at Ca Mau bus stop in a wintry early morning. The station’s parking lot was so empty it made me wondered about the loneliness of men on the run, finding the meaning of life. But none of that bullshit now, because this wild little […]

#the man who went out in the night

We never talk about the man who went out in the night, You start the discussion – the one discussion that I never think you would start. I guess the word ‘never’ is a fickle word – a frivolous player who enjoys deceiving young girls’ hearts – but never mind. Do you want to talk […]

#8. take the pills, honey, take the pills

We walk through the forest at the pace of a snail who is trying his hardest to cross the road before the next car could hit him. But it still hits him in the end. Say, I talk to the cat. I would look down at her, but with an unreasonable fear for her sarcastic […]

#5. The First Conversation

“What did you tell him, you snitch?” Nha asked me, his teeth gritting while his left hand squeezed the bone out of my right arm. “Nothing much. I said I was running away with a murderer. I said that the same murderer threatened to kill me. And I also said the murderer I was running […]

#4. Thang “Khung”‘s Story*

My bus departed at one in the morning. We drivers always joked with each other about the girl left at one in the morning. We said it was the devil’s bus, ’cause there’s always something that happened to her. After all, the thirteenth hour, right? The week before that day, Viet “Ba Tam” drove her […]

#7. hello darkness, my old friend

You sure there’s nothing wrong with that white misty thingy, eh? Why? What’s wrong with that white misty thingy? And furthermore, the Misty Thingy has a nicer name than the Misty Thingy, you know. The fat cat walks idly on a dark, earthy trail leading to an even darker forest. The closer we get to […]

#3. I Can Only Do Nothing For You

I opened the door to one of the most astonishing scenes in my entire life. My best boy was there with a man who looked a decade older than him. The old bastard carried every symbol of bad luck. Dirty shirt, torn jeans, callous hands, skin darker than my funeral dress. I could go on […]

The Louki Within

A review of Patrick Modiano’s “In the Cafe of Lost Youth.” Choosing this book was not my rational decision. It was an impulse one. The news announced that a certain Mr. Patrick Modiano had won the Nobel Prize in literature and as a vain enthusiast of all literary things, I just had to buy the […]

#6. The first song

You know, it’s funny how snowflakes exist Just to melt away after all the cold and lonesome winter days. Say, do you suppose they know that they will die right away – Like all the beautiful things on Earth. And you know, it’s funny how there are people who’re gone and there are people who […]

#2. I Ain’t Gonna Tell Anyone

To this day, I still don’t know what evil forces pushed me into that alleyway, approached that criminal-look-alike creature (spoiler: he was an actual criminal), and dragged him home. Not my home. Not that I own anything. But one must have this illusion that one actually possesses something, anything, to ground one’s feet on the […]

#1. Ma, I killed a man

“Ma, I killed ‘im” I told ma, my voice was sinking amid the mournful and dreary tunes of an old, worn-out cai luong cassette. Outside, the April rain was falling hard like a flood in October. The downfall was ready to sweep this poor neighborhood away to the dark, unfathomable sea. The loudspeakers at every street corner […]

#5. it’s funny how –

People can die just like that. At a flick of a finger. A breeze of some strange influenza. A wrong bullet that ends up where it shouldn’t be. All bullets end up where they shouldn’t be. Or at the bottom of a box full of clonazepam. Let me put it in a more succinct, blunt […]

#4. I don’t mind

I said I don’t mind not the pain nor the unstable legs and the scars piling up, as if life had a grotesque scheme against me. But then, you just have to look at me and ruin it all with your tears. How could you not mind, you say. The silent tears turn sunflower fields […]

#3. What have you done to yourself?

What have you done to yourself? Well, baby, I guess I have too much freedom. I’m privileged with the right to hurt myself, And the pain is keeping me sane. Baby, when everything is gone Except the dark, The open wounds and the blood Remind me of you. What have you done to yourself, you […]

#2. Melancholy

I should really stop that habit What habit? Falling in love with everyone And anyone Who shows a little bit of interest in me. I should try to stop being so lonely And melancholy. I guess this is what you meant When you say love’s not for me. I don’t know since when the audience […]

#1. Strong

Hey, have you ever thought about dying? There he goes spouting all of the nonsense shit that, through a miraculous gate, always gets from his brain to his mouth in the most inconvenient moment to me. I lie on top of him, look down on his face, and the lips that know far too well […]

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