You say when you are walking out the door

that you will be back home when the tide hit the shore and honey,

I don’t know if I should believe in you or

if I should believe in the Schrodinger’s cat:

fearing the tomorrow that

you may or may not come home to where I am.

You say you are lonely and to be honest,

I should take that as a hint to leave because

no sane person would see the abyss and think to themselves,

I want to jump in.

But darling, I am the kind of person who

always dream of the me and you.

The kind of person who know that whether you come back or not:

it doesn’t matter.

Because my hobby is to hold on to hopes

that are far above my reach

and beyond my grave.

You say when you walk out the front door

that you will be back soon and furthermore,

we will get married.

But darling, seeing the suitcase in your hand,

and ticket of the plane you are taking,

I know better that to believe in

the abyss,

the hopes,

and the empty promises that you keep giving out freely to any girls you meet.

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