And Even If Love Was Lost: An Introduction

This is a story about a criminal running away.

Nha killed a governor in a faraway seaside village. Hai was a male prostitute in Saigon, the city of beautiful lights and dark, dirty lust. Nha ran away from the crime scene amidst the dreary tune of his mother’s cai luong cassettes. Hai picked him up to save a part of his heart that’s been through far too many wars. Together, they ran away.

This is a story about dream.

Uncle Hai was diagnosed with lung cancer. He always dreamed that the final days of his life would be more peaceful than the two-year suspended sentence for almost killing his wife. Uncle Tu lost his child amidst the greed and riches of Saigon. He secretly hid the dream of having his son back in his arms in the withered, wrinkled old photograph.

And many, many more.

But most of all, this is a story about love

About the secret but not so secret love Hai developed for the man-child-slash-criminal he stayed with. About the same kind of love, on the same level love, Nha held within his heart for the only person who loved him for who he was. About the ocean never truly met the sand shore.

Oh, don’t let me fool you with these sentiments. Check their journey out for yourself by clicking the chapters below. Updated weekly.

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