#the things that help you sleep

To my unknown lover and our little joke. I will forever remember you with the not-so-authentic phrase, Je suis mermaid.

After a while, you don’t even know what is helping you sleep.

Be it a woman’s embrace or a man’s embrace –

is there any difference?

You sit on your chair and wear your tin-foil hat,

singing about the fairies and the flat-earth believers.

Perhaps you had wanted to believe that the earth was flat

so that you can reach the other side faster.

After a while, you don’t know if you’re reading a book

or drinking a cup of warm tea –

you just know that you did something,

but what is that something? You’ll never know.

As you lay on the soft mattress of sorrow, staring at the ceiling.

The fan seems like it is moving, but is it?

The light seems like it is burning, but is it?

And you seems like you are living –

but are you really living?

After a while, you know that sleeping includes closing your eyes,

but you don’t know what happens after that.

Is it dreaming? Have you ever gotten as far as dreaming?

Is it darkness? Have you ever gotten as close as darkness?

Wait, have you taken the pills?

Or have the pills taken you?

After a while, you don’t sleep.

You just get up, and get on with it.

No matter what it is, you get on with it.

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