Ta ghì cho tan vỡ trái tim này

Cho người ăn chơi nhíu đôi lông mày

Ta cười cho xanh ngát kiếp lưu đầy

Cho người vũ nữ khóc tấm thân gầy.

Chưa nói yêu nhau mà lòng đã đau

Chưa nói mê say mà tình đã bay

Chưa biết môi em mà hồn đã quên

Ðã qua một đêm…

Vũ Nữ Thân Gầy (La Cumparsita) – Vietnamese Lyrics: Phạm Duy
Vũ Nữ Thân Gầy (La Cumparsita), sung by Khánh Ly

Sir, I took the dancing to the new level,

she says, dunking the last of my shots for today.

Who knows, God forbid, if the shots tomorrow will be more or less

than what she has now?

And who knows, God forbid, what does it even matter to her?

Sir, I took the dancing to the new level,

she says, as he wraps his tired arm around her.

The night is coming to a close, and neither he or her

have a place to return to.

Sir, is it true?

What is? His voice blurs away in the blasting music.

Is it true that apologies are born

because no one can ever bear the responsibilities of their actions?

Sir, tell me, what does an apology mean to you?

Does it mean forgiving and forgetting?

Does it only mean forgiving?

Or does it have no meaning, at all?

He leans in, the smoke in between grows a thin foggy curtain,

separating two vengeance souls.

I don’t know, he says, what does it mean to you?

Is it why you take dancing to a new level?

They smile as she takes off her last piece of clothings,

Sir, that’s not it. I took dancing to a new level because all my life,

I always wanted someone to stay,

and all I ever had was someone walking away.

And sir, I took dancing to a new level because

apologizing will always come too late

and what does it have to do with me anyway?

She wraps her legs around him as her glistening eyes stare down a man

who will walk away after the night ends,

Sir, I don’t like apologies. And in return, he whispers into her ears, soft with sorrow

Me neither, little girl, me neither.

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