Please stay, I say

as I look out of the window.

The shadow of death is glooming over the both of us,

and many other like us.

Please stay, I repeat,

Because once you go out,

I don’t even know when you will be back,

or whether you will be back at all.

Please stay, I urge ardently,

And please don’t dismiss my prayer

as something frivolous or

something selfish or

something that’s only in my head:

Darling, how can you know that death won’t touch you on the hands,

the cheeks,

the nose,

and the glistening eyes that I used to love.

Please stay, I say, Please sit right here by my side;

Maybe you never think of it before, but look,

my love is laying bare in your hands,

your fingers,

and each of your hair strand.

And not just me, darling, not just me:

everyone out there is loved by someone else;

a weary mother lighting up the lamp waiting for her daughter,

A loving husband waiting for his wife in the dark corner of the living room,

A cat patiently watching the door steps, wondering,

When will my owner be back?

And will I ever feel her touch again?

Darling, the world is fighting

and the night is scaring me.

So please stay by my side,

and please be alive

tomorrow, and the tomorrows of many tomorrows.

Darling, you don’t how many lives you end up saving,

simply by staying.

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