#what’s wrong?

You smile at your suffering

The sweetest reprieve

Why did you leave us?

Why did you leave?

– It’s Torn, Leonard Cohen

Honey, what’s wrong?

Nothing, I say, I just wonder

how we balance the things we carry on our shoulders.

Are the baggages there from the beginning?

Or are we allowed the chance to choose them before we were born?

Honey, that’s the drug talking, she say.

She always dismisses my ‘weird’ talk,

and everything I say will always be far too weird for her.

But that’s not the drug talking, my darling,

I tell her as she slowly tucks me in the soft blanket

of my privileges.

That’s not the drug talking, I repeat,

That’s the suffering talking.

She smiles, and I wonder again

how we come to this miraculous place called Earth,

how we exist and persist in this suffering called living,

how we heal our wounds with love while refusing to believe in it, and

how my love for her will, one day, ends.

Honey, what’s wrong?

She repeats her question as she lie there on her side,

her hand never moves from the position of my heart

as if she is scared that the rhythm of life will stop if her hand moves just an inch.

Nothing, I tell her, I just wonder how one of these days,

you will leave me, too.



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