A Tribute to Leonard Cohen: You Go Your Way

I would never call myself a great fan of Leonard Cohen – definitely not a fanatic like Eminem’s “Stan” describes. After all, like the endearing Cohen, I never call my prose and poetry works of art.

To me, discovering Leonard Cohen (but what rights do I have to use the word “discover”?) is like a bitter fate. There was a seminar on Cohen’s work when I was still a first year in university. Lacking the required course credits, as well as not giving a bleep about who Cohen is, I didn’t attend the seminar.

And that will forever be my biggest regret.

I revisited Leonard Cohen when I fell down a deep hole, figuratively. After countless of sleepless nights and hazy days, I thought I had reached Nirvana when I listened to Cohen’s “Book of Longing” and “The Flame.”

I started to wonder. I wondered why we put so little importance on poetry. Why fate had made it so that the only Cohen seminar at my university was the one I couldn’t attend. Why I had to discover him when he’s already a cold, beautiful corpse. Why couldn’t I meet him sooner when I was still living in Montreal.

Apparently, there’s a lot of why with no answers. I don’t want to attribute those questions to something akin to “bad luck.” Because if I do that, I will bear the worse luck of all; and as a pessimist, I always try to rise above the dark cloud surrounding my train of thought.

The sweetest little song:

You go your way

I’ll go your way too!

Leonard Cohen, book of longing

On the darkest nights, listening to the Audible version of Book of Longing, I cried at these words.

There will be plenty of love songs being sung by desperate lovers anywhere and everywhere. But none of them has the power, the passion, the desire – everything – as strong as those two simple sentences in Cohen’s sweetest little song.

Because listen to it, you know that there is no better love than the devotion and absolute submission of Cohen’s song.

Yes. Go your way. You can choose to leave me. You can choose to forget about me, and by so doing, give up on everything we have. You can choose to give up on the you and me.

And darling, I will go your way, too. I will follow your path. I will be the one stalker you detest and despite. Whatever you choose to do, I will happily comply. But promise me, darling, you won’t leave me hanging on the rope of false hopes and despair.

The moment you cry at Cohen’s lyrics is the moment you realize you have grown old and weary. And your appearance has nothing to do with this sudden tiredness. It’s stemming from your soul within.

We sold ourselves for love but now we’re free

I’m so sorry for the ghost I made you be

Only one of us was real – and that was me

– Leonard cohen, the flame –

When I was still a child brimming with the innocence of age, I often thought that people can only get tired through works. After all, money is quite a sadistic ruler.

And then life happened. I emerged from the storm with a heart whose wounds keep on bleeding. I doubt they will heal. I also doubt if those wounds would allow me another chance at love to heal them

Because love cannot heal everything. And coincidentally, Cohen is right there, waiting for me, gathering me in, and sheltering me.

I fought for something final

Not the right to disagree.

– leonard cohen, happens to the heart –

Oh, Cohen, Cohen, Cohen. My dear Cohen, whom I know too late, who comfort me through the nights where love leaves me hanging and cuts me open.

My only regret is that I know you too late. And if I had seen you passing through, I would fall in love with you the way every one falls in love with you: desperate, arduous, full with passion for the living and passion for the death.

So Cohen, you are right. This is my tribute for you. You go your way, Mr. Leonard Cohen, and I will go your way, too.



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