#Postscript 1: Some Positive Things to Snack On

In an attempt to combat plastic waste and pollution, Vietnamese and Thai’s supermarkets utilize banana leaves and biodegradable rope for their produce packaging.

a photo of Vietnamese green onion wrapped in banana leaves and biodegradable rope
The use of banana leaves and biodegradable ropes in produce packaging will reduce plastic consumption in Vietnam, a country ranked 4th in the amount of plastic waste. Photo credits: VnExpress.

On another positive note, Russian government says they will release almost 100 whales to the ocean.

a photo of two orcas whales swimming in the ocean
The whales are expecting their summer vacation and the long-awaited reunion with their friends and families. Photo credits: Pixabay.

The scientists are debating on the best way to release the captured whales back to their natural habitat, as well as to prepare the whales for their new environment.

A prominent solution is to release the whales right where they are captured.

One may expect to see the whales bring some of that famous Russian vodka back home from their short vacation. Does it taste good? Let’s wait for the whales’ thank you note, which is expected to arrive shortly after their release in the summer.

And of course, the most heart-warming positive snack: Belgium offers its apology towards the m├ętis population for its cruel and brutal segregation policies during the Belgian colonization of Africa.

a photo of Belgian parliament architecture
After 60 years of silence, Belgium offers its apology to the victims of segregation policies, marking the start of the positive attitudes towards minority community. Photo credits: Pixabay.

After 60 years of avoiding the issues, leaving the victims devastated and traumatized, a skeptic may say that the apology comes far too late and is not a sufficient compensation.

Nevertheless, amidst the new age of segregation and discrimination against refugees and immigrants, the apology marks the start of a positive attitude and thus, a promise on doing the right thing for human rights protection.

And [the apology] is also, above all, human.

Mr. Budagwa, The New York Times.

Don’t give up on humanity yet, people, because there is always hope. And remember to be kind, always.

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